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Arizona Asbestos NESHAP questions answered

  1. I am a general contractor performing a tenent improvment on a suite in a building that was built in 2007, do i need to have an asbestos inspection since its a new building?  A: Yes, even if the building was built in 2007, you are rquired to at the very least have the materials you are disturbing during the renovation be testing by an AHERA certified building inspector.
  2. I have been contracted to demo a single family residential structure, thats owned by a private party and its the only structure on the property, I have had an asbestos  inspection and there is asbestos in the house do I need to file a NESHAP permit for the asbestos abatement? A: No, you do not need to file a NESHAP for the asbestos abatement. You will however, still need to file all applicable permits with the city and NESHAP for the actual demo of the residence. You would need to file a NESHAP permit if any of the following applied: The single family house was used as a business, is being demolished to make way for a business, had an additional detached structure on the property that was or could be lived in.
  3. We have a commercial building that we had inspected for asbestos last week, the report says that we have about 1,000 SF of floor tile and mastic that contains asbestos. We have hired an asbestos abatement contractor to remove the floor tile but leave the mastic as we are going to just overlay with new carpet. Do we need to file a NESHAP permit? A: No, as long as your abatement contractor is doing all the floor tile abatement by hand, utilizing NON-MECHANICAL methods.

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