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    Avoiding Mold Scams

    Very good article from a California based environmental consultants web site.

    Like every industry, the mold business has its share of scam artists raking in huge profits from the general public’s lack of knowledge about mold. Unfortunately, awareness is the consumer’s only defense against getting ripped off for thousands of dollars.


    The object to killing mold is to kill its “roots”. Mold remediation involves the need to disinfect wood and wood-based building materials, all of which are porous materials. Thus, chlorine bleach should not be used in mold remediation as confirmed by OSHA’s Mold Remediation/ Clean Up Methods guidelines. The use of bleach as a mold disinfectant is best left to kitchen and bathroom countertops, tubs and shower glass, etc. …….

    Common Symptoms of Mold Exposure - Mold Testing Phoenix



    Level – I Common Symptoms of Mold Exposure

    The most commonly reported symptoms of short term Mold exposure:

    • Sneezing
    • Itching Skin
    • Redness and skin irritation
    • Watery Eyes
    • Itching Eyes
    • Headache

    Couple does battle with builder over leaks, mold


    MILFORD – The stain on the bedroom carpet should have been a tip-off.

    Debra and Ron Shusterman noticed the six-inch long brown spot during a walk-through of their new home in May 2008.

    Don’t Get Sucked in By Deceptive Air Duct Cleaners


    Don’t Get Sucked in By Deceptive Air Duct Cleaners Read more: The Gilmer Mirror – Don’t Get Sucked in By Deceptive Air Duct Cleaners

    Local ads offering a low price on air duct cleaning can seem like a great deal with minimal risk. While

    Family wins mold lawsuit




    An Orange County jury has awarded a father $1.2 million in damages in a lawsuit against a landlord for neglecting the repair of a mold-infested house in Laguna Beach.

    Man found in Board of Education Building

    Officials announced that the experts found at least four types of mold in the building, including Stachybotrys. The mold was found on the top two floors of the four-story building.

    Mold and Allergies: 10 Ways to Reduce Symptoms


    If you have allergy symptoms year-round — or if they get worse in damp weather — you may be allergic to mold. While people with pollen allergies tend to have seasonal symptoms, mold allergies can flare all year long. Indoor mold can be a problem in winter months, because mold will grow in your house where there is enough moisture — whether

    Mold May Trigger Serious Asthma in Some Folks

    THURSDAY, June 24 (HealthDay News) — Living in a home with high levels of mold may increase the risk of severe asthma attacks in people with certain gene variants, finds a new study.

    Mold Testing & Asbestos Inspections Services Offered

    Envision3 Group, Inc.(EN3G) is a locally phoenix owned consulting firm specializing in environmental, health and safety, and construction management. EN3G offers an extensive background in environmental, safety, and construction management services. Envision maintains a high

    Property owners at risk from serious water damage claims

    Property owners at risk from serious water damage claims

    Paul Redington, property claims manager for Aviva, said: “Water damage claims tend to peak during the first two weeks of January and this could be as owners return to their premises following the festive break. However, losses don’t just occur during the Christmas break.  Any