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Mold Inspection Phoenix - Mold Testing Scottsdale


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Why should I ask to have an inspection done?

There are many reasons why you may decide to have your home or business inspected for mold:

•  You smell mold but do not see it anywhere. An experienced mold inspector will sample for hidden mold sources (i.e. wall/ceiling cavities). This will help determine if and what level of remediation is necessary.

•  Before you purchase a house or investment property you will want to identify if mold is a pre-existing issue. Mold remediation can be expensive and if it is required you will want to consider that additional cost before the sale is completed.

•  Mold remediation work has been performed and you want to make sure that this process was done correctly. Envision3 Group will thoroughly inspect the remediated area(s) preferably while walls and ceilings remain open, before flooring is replaced and prior to new building materials being put in place. Mold may not be visible but still may exist if remediation was not done successfully. “Post Remediation Clearance Testing” will give you piece of mind that your money was well spent and that the mold was cleaned according to industry standards. Most importantly you will know the mold contamination has been removed.


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